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  • Peg Perego
  • Case IH Magnum Tractor IGOR0055 Parts
  • Choo Choo express train IGED1116 Parts
  • Craftsman Tractor IGOR0022 Parts
  • Cub cadet tractor with trailer IGOR0025 Parts
  • Ducati 1098 IGED0913 Parts
  • Ducati monster motorcycle IGMC0007US Parts
  • Gaucho Super Power IGOD0501US Parts
  • John deere express IGED1088 Parts
  • John deere farm animals hay ride IGED1065 Parts
  • John deere farm tractor with trailer IGCD0522 Parts
  • John Deere Gator (Old Style) HP270 MP270 Parts
  • John Deere Gator (Revised) IGOD0004 IGOD0033 Parts
  • John Deere Gator HPX SE IGOD0051 Parts
  • John Deere Gator XUV 6X4 IGOD0522
  • John Deere Gator XUV IGOD0057 Parts
  • John Deere Gator XUV Midnight Black IGOD0093 Parts
  • John deere ground force tractor IGOR0039 Parts
  • John deere off road 4x4 IGOD0022 Parts
  • John deere power loader IGOR0012 Parts
  • John deere power loader with trailer IGOR0020 Parts
  • John deere turf tractor IGOR0040 Parts
  • Lil Tractor and Trailer IGED1112
  • Magnum Tractor Pink IGOR0067 Parts
  • Polaris outlaw (red) IGOR0044 Parts
  • Polaris Outlaw Citrus IGOR0095 Parts
  • Polaris RZR 900 Blue IGOD0086 Parts
  • Polaris sportsman 2x (x2) IGOD0032 IGOD0035 Parts
  • Polaris sportsman 800 twin IGOD0510 Parts
  • Polaris Sportsman XP850 IGOD0515 Parts
  • Polaris Sportsman XP850 Silver IGOD0518
  • Princess Cycle IGED0912 IGED0912US Parts
  • Raider Police IGED0910 Parts
  • Rocky (the pony) IGED0092US Parts
  • Santa fe express IGED1080 Parts
  • Santa fe train set (red) IGED1084 Parts
  • Slingshot IGOD0091
  • Adventure HP IGOR0005 IGOR0005A Parts
  • Bombardier Traxter XL with dump IGOR0019 Parts
  • Case IH Magnum Tractor Pink FIUS1201G170 Parts
  • Case IH Power Scoop Tractor IGOR0057 Parts
  • Craftsman ATV IGOR0023 Parts
  • Cub Cadet Pedal Tractor IGCD0528 Parts
  • Cub cadet tractor IGOR0024 Parts
  • Desert Tenere IGMC0010US Parts
  • Excavator IGCD0542 Parts
  • Fiat 500 IGOR0070US Parts
  • Gaucho grande HP252 Parts
  • Gaucho rockin revised IGOD0024 Parts
  • Gaucho Rock’in IGOD0075US Parts
  • Gaucho silver edition IGOD0006 Parts
  • Gaucho Super Power IGOD0500US Parts
  • Go buggy go IGOR0035 Parts
  • John deere buck ext IGOR0013 Parts
  • John Deere Construction Loader IGOR0096 Parts
  • John Deere Dual Force Tractor IGOR0079 Parts
  • John deere e-tractor IGED1062 Parts
  • John Deere Farm Power IGOR0050 Parts
  • John Deere Gator HPX IGOD0055 IGOD0049 Parts
  • John Deere Gator SE IGOD0039 Parts
  • John Deere Gator XUV Camouflage IGOD0083
  • John Deere Gator XUV IGOD0063 IGOD0067 Parts
  • John Deere Ground Loader IGOR0069
  • John Deere Loader With Trailer IGCD0518 Parts
  • John Deere Mini Loader IGCD0526 IGCD0524 Parts
  • John Deere Mini Power Loader IGED1111 Parts
  • John deere power pull IGOR0006 Parts
  • John deere tractor with loader IGCD0517 Parts
  • John deere utility tractor IGED1069 Parts
  • Lil red tractor IGED1068 Parts
  • New Holland T8 IGOR0074 Parts
  • Polaris outlaw (pink) IGOR0045 Parts
  • Polaris Outlaw Pink Power IGOR0094 Parts
  • Polaris Ranger RZR (red) IGOD0511 Parts
  • Polaris Ranger RZR (silver) IGOD0514 Parts
  • Polaris Ranger RZR 900 Red IGOD0066 Parts
  • Polaris Ranger RZR IGOD0516US
  • Polaris RZR 900 Camo IGOD0074 Parts
  • Polaris RZR 900 Pink IGOD0073 Parts
  • Polaris sportsman 700 (red) IGOD0013 Parts
  • Polaris sportsman 700 (yellow) IGOD0027 Parts
  • Polaris Sportsman 850 Camo IGOD0529 Parts
  • Polaris Sportsman 850 Lime IGOD0533 Parts
  • Polaris trail boss IGOD0052 Parts
  • Polaris trail princess IGOD0054 Parts
  • Santa Fe Train IGED1071 Parts
  • Thomas track rider 35168 Parts
  • Vespa scooter IGED1050 Parts
  • Power Wheels
  • BBF03 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • BBF04 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • BBM94 My First Craftsman
  • BBM95 Minnie Mouse 2 Seat Jeep
  • BCG69 Jake Lil Quad
  • BCK85 Jeep Wrangler
  • BCK89 Girls Dune Racer
  • BCK92 Thomas with Track
  • BCK94 Thomas with Bonus Track
  • BCV57 TMNT Dune Racer
  • BCV58 Ford F150 - Girls Camo
  • BCV59 Boys Dune Racer
  • BFY96 Barbie Corvette
  • BGN14 Jeep Rubicon Red
  • BGW46 Black Corvette
  • BGW47 Deluxe Black Corvette
  • BJM25 Ford F-150 Black
  • C0530 Rally Kart
  • C0532 Racer Kart
  • C0727 Lil Jeep-Pink
  • C0729 Lil Jeep-Blue
  • C2390 Jeep Wrangler
  • C3491 Volkswagen Beetle
  • C3493 F150 Truck
  • C7478 Kawasaki
  • CBC58 Camo Dune Racer
  • CBF64 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • CBG61 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • CBG65 Deluxe Jeep Wrangler
  • CBG71 TMNT Lil Quad
  • CBJ37 Hot Wheels Jeep DTC
  • CBJ38 Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler DTC
  • CBK89 Dune Racer
  • CBK90 Black Corvette
  • CBP84 Camo Dune Racer
  • CBX26 Lawn Tractor DTC
  • CBY68 Jeep Rubicon DTC
  • CBY70 Tough Talkin Jeep DTC
  • CCG93 Arctic Cat - Girls
  • CDD08 Smart Drive Ford Mustang Blue
  • CDD09 Smart Drive Ford Mustang Pink
  • CDD12 New Escalade
  • CDD13 Barbie Escalade Dance Party
  • CDD15 Porsche 911 GT3
  • CDD16 Dune Racer Chrome
  • CDD17 Dora and Friends Jeep
  • CDD18 Dora and Friends Lil Quad
  • CDD19 VW Dora & Friends Beetle
  • CDD20 Kawasaki Brute Force
  • CDD22 DC Super Friends Kawasaki Batman ATV
  • CDD24 Kawasaki Lil Quad
  • CDD26 Kawasaki Lil Quad with Track
  • CDF53 Ford F150 - Blue
  • CDF54 Ford F150 Extreme Sport
  • CDF93 Dune Racer Orange (WM)
  • CDY12 TMNT Lil Dune Racer
  • CDY13 Barbie Lil Quad
  • CDY14 Barbie Lil Quad
  • CFG09 HW Dune Racer
  • CGY61 Arctic Cat Camo
  • CHM44 TMNT Jeep WM
  • CHN00 Thomas Toddler
  • CHN01 Toy Story Lil Quad
  • CHP08 Yellow Mustang
  • CHP65 Barbie Jammin Jeep Deluxe
  • CHP66 Baja Extreme
  • CJB09 Yellow Corvette
  • CJG73 Spongebob Go Kart-1
  • CLD96 Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler
  • CLG78 Harley Cruiser
  • CLG79 Arctic Cat
  • CLG97 Batman Lil Quad
  • CLG98 Minnie Mouse Lil Quad
  • CLG99 Harley Rocker
  • CLK46 Disney Frozen Ford Mustang
  • CLM86 Hot Wheels Lil Quad with Track
  • CMP32 Paw Patrol Lil Quad
  • DFV03 Wild Thing Black and Orange
  • DGL23 Paw Patrol Fire Truck
  • DLX40 PW Blaze Monster Truck
  • DMK75 Ford Lil F150
  • DML91 Dune Racer Extreme
  • DMM94 Ford F150 Raptor
  • DMT54 Batman Dune Racer
  • DNJ66 Wonder Woman Jeep
  • DNK01 Dora VW
  • DNM22 Wild Thing Pink and Black
  • DPK45 Power Wheels Corvette
  • DPK46 Baja Extreme
  • DPP93 New Escalade
  • DPP94 Barbie Escalade Dance Party
  • DRH62 TMNT Jeep
  • DRH63 TMNT Dune Racer
  • DRL28 Lightning McQueen
  • DRL33 Lil Lightning McQueen
  • DTB78 Blaze Lil Quad
  • DWR10 Shimmer and Shine Lil Quad
  • DWR11 Shimmer and Shine
  • DWR12 Dune Racer Extreme
  • DWR16 Arctic Cat
  • DYK80 Smart Drive Frozen Ford Mustang
  • FBM95 Desert Racer Blue
  • FCD17 Desert Racer Pink
  • FCD21 Paw Patrol KFX
  • FCD22 Power Wheels Corvette Girls
  • FDG13 Jeep Hurricane
  • FFR86 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • FFR87 Minnie Happy Helpers Jeep
  • FFR92 Tough Talkin Jeep
  • FFY09 Dune Racer
  • FGF73 Barbie Escalade Dance Party
  • FGF77 Wild Thing Green and Black
  • FJJ63 Ford F150 Raptor
  • FLC33 Boomerang
  • FLC34 Boomerang
  • FLC39 Wild Thing Blue
  • FLC45 Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler
  • FLJ84 PW Jurassic World Dino Racer
  • FLK44 Minnie Mouse Lil Quad
  • FLM96 Dune Racer Extreme
  • FLN93 PW Dune Racer Extreme
  • FLP00 Batman Dune Racer
  • FLP16 Dune Racer
  • FLP27 Dune Racer Pink
  • FLR09 Dune Racer
  • FLR10 Barbie Dune Racer
  • FLR11 DCSHG Dune Racer
  • FNK88 Wild Thing Orange
  • FNK90 Wild Thing Pink
  • FNK92 Jeep Rubicon Wrangler
  • FRC29 Barbie Dream Camper
  • FRC33 Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler
  • FRC34 Barbie 6V Jeep
  • FRC35 Hot Wheels 6V Jeep
  • FRY56 Paw Patrol Lil Quad
  • FVB13 PW Jurassic World Dino Racer Green
  • FXM32 6V Jeep Rubicon
  • FYW75 Sunny Day Jeep
  • G2580 Little People Tot Rod
  • G3740 Street Scene Silverado
  • G4626 Sport Tracker ATV
  • GCT05 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
  • GMF65 Barbie Dream Camper
  • H0128 City Slammin' Silverado
  • H0150 Volkswagen Dune New Beetl
  • H0436 Gravedigger
  • H0438 Cadillac Escalade
  • H0440 Escalade
  • H0638 Classic Chrome Harley
  • H2836 Driveway Racer
  • H3427 Barbie Jammin' Jeep
  • H4435 Dora Jeep Wrangler
  • H4436 Dora Jeep Wrangler
  • H4793 Little People Tot Rod
  • H4803-US/H4804-CAN Blue Jeep Wrangler
  • H4805 Jeep Wrangler.
  • H4807 Jeep Wrangler (revised) (H9170 International Prod #)
  • H4808_Classic_Chrome_Harley
  • H7332 Dora Quad
  • H8256 Lightning McQueen
  • H9800 Kawasaki KFX Ninja Extreme
  • J0713 Jeep Lil Wrangler
  • J4030 Get Set Go! Kart
  • J4390 Ford Mustang Red
  • J4394-Jeep_Hurricane-Blue
  • J5244 Blue Thunder Monster Truck
  • J5246 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
  • J5248 Kawasaki Brute Force
  • J7825 Dora Lil Quad
  • J7826 Barbie Trail Rider
  • J8472 Kawasaki KFX Ninja
  • J8758 Kawasaki KFX
  • J9561-Mustang-Blue_TRU
  • J9562-Mustang-Pearl_TRU
  • K0450 Kawasaki KFX Blue
  • K0451 Lil Barbie Trail Rider
  • K0452 Lil KFX
  • K3033 My First Craftsman
  • K3034_My_First_Craftsman
  • K4563-Dora_Jeep_Wrangler-TRU
  • K4564-Diego_Jeep_Wrangler-TRU
  • K4565 Diego Lil Quad
  • K7112 Jeep Hurricane Green
  • K7112 Jeep Hurricane-Green
  • K8285 Ford F-150
  • K9758-Diego_Jeep_Wrangler
  • L1114 Dora the Explorer Volkswagen New Beetle
  • L2170 Arctic CAT
  • L6345 Nascar Dale Earnhardt Jr
  • L6348 Ford F-150 TRU
  • L6349 Barbie Mustang
  • L7820 Barbie Jammin Jeep Refresh
  • L7821 Nascar Jimmie Johnson
  • L7822 Nascar Jeff Gordon
  • L7823 Nascar Tony Stewart
  • L7824 Cadillac Escalade Refresh
  • L7825 Arctic CAT Camo
  • M0409 Cadillac Escalade Barbie Refresh
  • M0410 Cadillac Escalade TRU Refresh
  • M0411 Pink Tot Rod
  • M0412 Harley Cruiser
  • M1349 Toddler School Bus
  • M1350 Firetruck (TRU)
  • M3864 Walmart Diego Jeep Blitz
  • M3865 Walmart Barbie VW Blitz
  • M5130 Get Set Go! Kart
  • M5728 Batman Lil Quad
  • M7246 Batman Lil Quad
  • M7331 Lil Quad Restage
  • M7873 AT REX
  • M9779 Ford F-150 Craftsman
  • M9780 Escalade Hybrid
  • N0457 AT REX
  • N1475 Barbie Escalade
  • N1476 Jeep Rubicon
  • N2273 Jeep Hurricane Rust
  • N2892 Barbie Princess Lil Quad
  • N3089 Jeep Rubicon
  • N3460 Barbie Lil Quad
  • N3964 Hot Wheels VW Beetle
  • N8379 Lil Quad Pink
  • N8415 LP Toddler School Bus
  • N8417 Escalade
  • N9356 Jeep Blitz
  • N9522 Escalade
  • N9731 Kawasaki Brute Force
  • N9732 Barbie Wrangler
  • N9733 Lightning McQueen
  • P2896 Smart Car
  • P4266 Stinger
  • P5063 Firerock Jeep Wrangler
  • P5064 part f150 truck
  • P5065 Harley Rocker
  • P5066 Barbie KFX
  • P5920 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P5921 Hot Wheels VW Beetle
  • P6827 Girls Mustang
  • P6830 Barbie VW Beetle
  • P8013 Barbie KFX
  • P8195 Boys Mustang
  • P8195 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P8812 Barbie Mustang
  • P8814 Arctic CAT Red RFSH TRU
  • P8990 Batman Trailrider
  • P9723 Red KFX
  • R1500 Handy Manny F-150
  • R1502 Princess Trailrider
  • R2510 Disney Princess Tot Rod
  • R3142 Red KFX
  • R8126 Brute Force
  • R8548 Brute Force Camo (Bass Pro)
  • R8932 Jeep Blitz
  • R9543 Girls Mustang
  • T1961 Barbie Jeep Lil Wrangler
  • T1964 Girls Firerock Jeep Wrangler
  • T3260 Handy Manny Tot Rod
  • T3264 Hurricane
  • T3639 LIL Lighting McQueen
  • T4869 Pink Harley Rocker
  • T4871 Barbie Jammin Jeep Refresh
  • T4872 Target Red KFX
  • T4963 Thomas Toddler
  • T5003 Toy Story lil quad
  • T5169 Thomas Toddler
  • T5407 Barbie Smart Car
  • T5427 Princess Tot Rod
  • T6137 - Dora 10th Jeep Wrangler
  • T6138 Tough Talking Jeep
  • T6991 Ford F-150
  • T7297 - Dora 10th Jeep Wrangler
  • T7298 Tough Talking Jeep
  • T8396 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • T8786 Ford F-150
  • V2503 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • V3298 Toy Story 3 Tot Rod
  • V3299 Mickey Mouse Tot Rod
  • V3710 Dora Lil Quad 10th Ani
  • V4100 Mater
  • V4343 Dora Lil Quad
  • W0028 Military Jeep
  • W0029 Ford F150
  • W0030 Ford F150
  • W1070 Ford F150 Raptor
  • W1652 Barbie Jammin Jeep with Bonus Barbie
  • W1866 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • W2602 Dune Racer
  • W2603 Lil Lightning McQueen
  • W2604 Lightning McQueen
  • W4473 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • W4715 Barbie KFX
  • W4716 Hot Wheels KFX
  • W5540 KFX
  • W5541 Lil Lightning McQueen
  • W5542 Lightning McQueen
  • W6199 Hot Wheels Jeep Blitz
  • W6201 HW Dune Racer
  • W6203 Barbie Escalade
  • W6204 HW Dune Racer
  • W6205 Barbie Escalade
  • W6209 VW Barbie Beetle
  • W6211 Hot Wheels KFX
  • W6213 Kawasaki KFX
  • W6214 Kawasaki Lil Quad
  • W6215 Barbie Lil Quad
  • W9257 Boss Mustang
  • W9417 Cadillac Escalade-Boys
  • W9418 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • X0067 Harley Rocker
  • X0069 Lil F150
  • X0071 HW Jeep Blitz WM
  • X0072 Barbie Jeep Blitz (WM)
  • X0073 Arctic Cat
  • X0075 Batman Lil Quad
  • X2247 HW Jeep Wrangler
  • X2248 Barbie Jeep Wrangler
  • X3050 Camo Lil Quad
  • X3051 Princess Lil Quad
  • X3414 Barbie VW New Beetle
  • X3415 Lil Ford F150
  • X3416 Kawasaki KFX
  • X3417 Lightning McQueen
  • X3418 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • X3419 Purple Escalade
  • X3421 Lil Kawasaki
  • X6218 Red Corvette
  • X6222 Lil Harley
  • X6639 Blue Corvette
  • X6641 Kawasaki KFX
  • X6642 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • X6645 Jeep Hurricane
  • X6646 Brute Force
  • X6647 Ford Raptor Red
  • X6651 Barbie KFX
  • X6655 Barbie Jeep WM Blitz
  • X6656 Hot Wheels Jeep WM Blitz
  • X6833 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • X6834 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • X9218 Minnie Mouse VW
  • Y1773 Red Kawasaki Lil Quad
  • Y2484 Kawasaki Teryx
  • Y4997 Minnie Lil Quad
  • Y5014 Lil Dune Racer
  • Y5267 Camo Lil Quad
  • Y6239 Jeep Hurricane (TRU)
  • Y6533 Dune Racer WMT
  • Y6534 Arctic Cat
  • Y8208 Orange Boss Mustang
  • Y8409 Barbie Jammin Jeep (WM)
  • Y8637 Barbie KFX
  • Y8638 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • Y8639 Dora Lil Quad
  • Y8640 Lil Lighting McQueen
  • Y8812 Princess Mustang
  • Y9367 Barbie Dune Racer
  • Replacement Parts
  • Accelerators
  • Battery
  • Chargers
  • Gearboxes & Motors
  • Shifters
  • Switches
  • Wheels & Tires
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• Riding Toys
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We don’t ship machines Internationally.

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Tracking information is sent via e-mail within approximately 4-6 business days.



Kidswheels is not responsible and would not be liable for any warranty issue with a riding toy, the manufacturer or distributor is strictly responsible to satisfy customer expectations. Either way KidsWheels will act as a mediator to try to help the customer with any warranty issues.



KidsWheels, LLC covers parts for 30 days and does not cover parts (including batteries) that have been damaged by unreasonable use, neglect, accident, abuse, misuse, improper service, improper installation, modification, and/or other causes not arising from defects in materials or workmanship. KidsWheels, LLC will replace parts at its option as covered under our return Mfg. Defect policy. KidsWheels LLC, is excluded from any liability on the part of KidsWheels LLC, whether under warranty or implied under law for any indirect or consequential damages for breach of warranty. Some states do not allow this exclusion or limitation, so this limitation may not apply. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.


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